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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Microsoft Office Project 2003 Bible

David A. ZimmerPrint

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If you are going to use MS Project 2003, this manual is a must. It describes the how and why of MS Project 2003. Unlike other reference materials, it not only gives the keystrokes to accomplish your specific tasks, it explains what MS Project is doing for you. It helps you understand why the steps are necessary. The included CD provides the entire text on searchable PDF format making it easier and faster to locate the pertinent material to answer your question. I don’t leave home without it!

I rate this one above the others because of the ease-of-understanding, the excellent examples, thoroughness of discussion, and the keystroke instructions to accomplish what you want to do inside MS Project. It also highlights the new features in MS Project 2003. This bit of information makes it useful with MS Project 2000, 2002, and XP. If a feature or function is not marked as new for 2003, then the feature or function is available in the earlier version and uses the same keystrokes.