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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Project Management - Practical Tools for Success

David A. ZimmerPrint

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Project Management - Practical Tools for Success is one of the Crisp Fifty-Minute Series books. The goal is to give you quick lessons on various aspects in Project Management that become tools in your arsenal. Overall, the book accomplishes that goal - the lessons are quick, and it alerts you to the various skills needed to be a successful project manager.

I find the book both interesting and a little too simplistic. For the experienced in Project Management, the lessons will seem common sense and ho-hum. On the other hand, to the new project manager, he or she will quickly realize that managing projects is a lot more than the budget and the schedule. The project manager must quickly develop many interpersonal skills quickly. This book, while it does seem to describe common sense, points up the needed information to make common sense happen. Common sense is not common sense until one realizes that it is common sense.

The book provides some excellent manual tools that can be used if project management software is not being used to manage the project. But a project of any decent size should be managed with software these days. The project plan provides so many early warnings and extra information, that by not using software to help manage the plan, the project manager will simply be at a loss. The major problem is that he or she won't realize how MUCH information he or she is missing. Crictical information - information that may determine success or failure for the project.

For the intermediate or advanced project manager, the book is useless. If you consider yourself to be in one of those two categories, then you won't gain much by reading the book - that is if you are at that stage. Unfortunately, because many project managers are not formally trained in project management concepts and fundamentals, many who are not at the intermediate stage consider themselves to be at that level. This book would be helpful to this category of people. Sound like double-speak here? It isn't. You just want to objectively evaluate your level of expertise.

If you are not sure if you should pick up this book, the investment of a whopping $13.95 USD won't kill you. And, if you click on the book image above, you will be sent to the Amazon.com website where you can by used copies or almost new copies for less that $1.00. It is a good investment at that price.