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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fundamentals of Project Management

David A. ZimmerPrint

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I read this book because it was given to me to teach my seminars at Penn State. At first I thought, "Great, another book on project management. I can't wait to get started. NOT." I thought here was PMBOK Jr and its prerequisite boredom.

What I found was a lucid and candid discourse concerning managing projects. Lewis gives the real-world view, not just the "here is the standard, follow it because it is a good medicine, and don't worry that your reality and the standard don't match." I liked his off-course comments that added the reality into discussion.

The book does not list the 42 processes of the PMI's standard PMBOK. It talks about a logical flow created from years of experience. The language is such the newly appointed project manager could read and understand. Because of the message, the project manager has a better clue what to do when assigned the project. While the PM might not implement all the formality of proper project management, the elemental structure will be there, lifting the probably of success higher than before.

The book is a quick read and provides the basics. For those who want to gain the PMP certification, it won't help - not enough meat to pass the exam. For those new to project management, this is a good first book. Lay the groundwork and then graduate to the next level. Trust me, if you are new to project management, by reading and heeding this book, you'll be miles ahead of most other project managers.

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