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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

An Insider's Guide to Building A Successful Consulting Practice

David A. ZimmerPrint

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I started reading this book in hopes it would give some new and additional insight into running a successful consulting practice. I have read the first 60 pages so far and it has provided some useful information. The most useful is a description of 22 business models for running the practice. I highlighted the ones I have implemented in my own practice without realizing they had names. The short descriptions really helped solidify the concepts.

Since I am in the process of re-writing/updating my business plan, I felt this book would be useful. I've run my own company for 18 years so I am open to new ideas and ways of making this business successful. After I'm finished reading the book, I'll let you know what additional tidbits I founds.

Epilogue: I have finished this book. It is quite detailed. For the new consultant, it is truly a guide to the a proper business model for your new venture. It has the recipes and helps you decide how you will build your business.  There are lists of different types of business models. You pick the ones you want and build the plan from there.

For the experienced consultant, this is a great book to help you fine-tune what you may or may not already be doing. It may be a memory jogger for the things you've thought about doing, but haven't done. It gives pros and cons for each angle. Additionally, it might give you new ideas for business expansion without diluting your business.

I learned a few things I need to do concerning the marketing effort plus reminders of things I intended to do but haven't. Also, I saw numerous business options I have been dabbling with but have not completed and learned how they would increase my business. But what I like the best was he noodled through the pros and cons of each option, sometimes confirming what I had either already learned or thought about, or gave me new ideas for the business expansion without requiring more staff or too much effort.

Overall, I thought it was a very complete and excellent book for both new and seasoned consultants. I would highly recommend it.

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