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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Polaris: Lessons in Risk Management

David A. ZimmerPrint

I met Dr. Byrne in Sept 2009 and have worked with him occasionally since that time. When he mentioned he was writing a book on risk management, I was intrigued. Since I teach a seminar on proper project management procedures and methodologies, I was very keen to get a copy, partly because John is a very interesting person and also I was hoping to get some good ideas how to teach risk management better.

Dr. Bryne makes information interesting to learn and it translated very nicely into this clear approach to proper risk management. I have learned alot  about the subject, as well as, placing with a very historic project from the past. The combination helps solidify the concepts and certainly have given me great examples from which to teach.

I'd highly recommend getting a copy for a lucid, step-by-step procedure for risk management.

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