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Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Butterfly Effect

David A. ZimmerPrint

The Butterfly Effect
Andy Andrews

I read this book right after I finish Andy Andrew's "The Heart Mender." The The Butterfly Effect is a very quick, but powerful, read. It shows how ordinary people doing ordinary things can have a major impact on life, the world, history, and the future.

The book describes how one, 34 year old school teacher's actions help save the greatest nation of all time from disintegrating into a territory of 13 countries. The greatest nation would not have been around to affect history as it has: push back repression in WWI and WWII, invent some of the greatest inventions, feed the masses and so forth. It would have been a country divided into many pieces.

Andrews describes other peoples' actions that led to other impacts. One simple act of kindness, a friendship between two people, or a word of encouragement can boost another person. You never know what you do today will impact generations to come.

I've always striven to impact the lives of those around me, to inspire them, encourage them and support them to become what they can become. I don't know what my actions done today will lead to tomorrow, but I know they can have a positive outcome.

The Butterfly Effect encouraged me by showing that I and my actions really do matter. And therefore, I will continue with my life's work: to inspire, encourage and support.

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