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Friday, April 22, 2011

Mentor Leadership - Secrets To Building People and Teams That Win Consistently

David A. Zimmer
David A. Zimmer, PMP
Chief Business Strategist
American Eagle Group

Mentor Leadership - Secrets To Building People and Team That Win Consistently
Tony Dungy

I am looking forward to this book. I believe what many people consider leadership is not. Leaders are not always the ones out in front, or the ones being served by others. I believe leaders are the ones who have a vision, help others catch that vision, and then engender trust and loyalty from others by making the follower feel wanted, needed and valued.

In the Mentor Leadership, I expect to learn how, as a leader, I can mentor others, while at the same time being a follower, I can be a better mentored person. While I don't know Tony Dungy personally, watching his demeanor on the football field and other occasions, I believe I can learn a lot from this man. This is all besides the point that he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers - my favorite NFL team.

Epilogue: What a great book. Dungy hits leadership on the spot. This book aligns very nicely with the follower's needs as discussed in Strength-based Leadership.

Mentor Leadership concerns itself mostly with the follower. Dungy stated several times the leader gains his "glory" by not grabbing the glory, but rather dishes it out to the followers.

Dungy gave many practical tips on leading by example, showing his followers that he was the same as them, just in a different position, letting the followers challenge him without losing control and much more.

I've stated many times before I read with a highlighter in hand to highlight important concepts, ideas and other things that jump out at me. I judge the value of the book by the amount of highlighting completed when finished. This book ranks number one. I don't know if I wore the highligher out, but I can tell you, there is more yellow in this book than white page left over.

Definitely one of my favorite books on leadership.

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